Friday, July 26, 2013

Water and Witch Hazel to Clean floors ?


This morning, I decided to review a post I had seen on Pinterest about The Many Uses of Witch Hazel. One of the recipes was about how it's used to clean floors. So, I decided to test it out since my  Home Made Floor Cleaner recipe was not as successful as I had hoped. You can see the before and after pictures that I've posted. The floors are not as streaky as with the other homemade floor cleaner and they aren't shiny, but they look clean. 

I used a diluted solution;  4 cups of water to 2 tablespoons of witch hazel. I wrapped a piece of towel around my swiffer and learned to not soak the floor but the piece of towel with my solution. I'm slowly learning how to clean floors daily. I think my main improvement in cutting time and work is using a thick towel and soaking it. I actually watched How to Clean Floors video on youtube yesterday for some help. What I like most is that there are no chemicals or strong odors like the vinegar left. I think if I needed a quick floor cleaning I will use this recipe but I still plan on testing more. I really want to get shinier floors.

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