Thursday, July 18, 2013

Re-decorating my son's playroom :)

This is a picture of my son's playroom. I have to admit, its one of the rooms that keeps on changing the most. As he has grown, the quantity of toys have increased and of coarse the space seems to have decreased. I actually can't stand the room since I can't seem to figure out how to get it to look like those cute playrooms I keep on seeing on pinterest. It's hard because I feel decreasing the number of toys would decrease the fun of the room. And awkward shaped toys make any standard bookshelves impossible to use. Ugh! The rooms has to change and that is exactly what I plan to do over the next couple of months. No more ugly play room!

First a place to sit, see that ikea chair on the left had side of the picture. I actually love that chair, unfortunately so does our black cat. So, every time I go sit in that chair I cringe at all the black fur left after his afternoon nap. Also, de-furring the chair every day, not so much fun ether !
A couch is my solution, somewhere to sit and easily covered by a blanket which can be washed regularly ! Also, having a place to sit and read while my son plays would be awesome!!

I have been looking for couches but have not had any luck. I'm thinking a futon might work. Yay! a reason to go to HOME GOODS :)

Second, adding gates to keep dogs out of the room. The entrance opening of the room is 6 feet wide, making it impossible to find the perfect gate. Especially since we have crown molding which we refuse to drill. So, I found this project on pinterest: Pet Barrier. I'm planning a special trip to the swap meet to purchase fabrics this weekend. And I looked on and it seems they have tension rods long enough for the entrance.

Third, I need to have the carpets cleaned. We have actually had them cleaned twice this year but sneaky  chihuahuas (yes, you Peanut & Chiquita!!) have decide to make this their 'potty room'. Ugh!! it makes me so mad but I love those dogs. So, getting the carpets cleaned again before the new baby arrives.

Fourth, a carpet to cover the entire room. I'm just in the research process of this. The room measures 10x13 ft and standard rugs tend to come in 8x10 ft. So, I wanted to find a carpet remnant place that will sell me a rug the size of my room and have them add the edging to match. This is extremely important since baby #2 is on their way and if I remember correctly playing on the floor is their favorite activity.

Fifth, finish painting the room! See the wall on the right, the blue-ish one? I painted that :) But I never finished the edging. Also, I have this dream of painting a mural. I am in LOVE with this Wonderland Tree Wall Decal I found on I love, love, love,love it!! Unfortunately, I can't afford it :( If I plan on getting a couch, carpets washed, new carpet and baby gates. Funding for the decals isn't realistic. So, I am going to pain a version of it using my Artograph tracer projector. I have actually started this project but although I ventilated the room and had fans going, I felt extremely nauseous. So, my husband will hopefully finish painting it for me this weekend :) I can't wait to share this mural project when its done :)

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