Thursday, May 31, 2012

Best food storage for dog or cat food

I purchased these several months ago, maybe even a year... All I can say is that they are the best purchase I ever made :)

What I love about them
They are on wheels
They have an attached lid
They are semi-clear (view food levels)
The lid locks
Food is kept moist

What I don't like
The only place that I know sells them is the container store. Miles from my house

Overall, if you have pets, you should have these !!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day

Today is my first Mother's day !! Yay!! It's hard to describe how it feels to celebrate today :) Part of me feels like its a regular day and part of me feels like I should be doing something extra special.
It was actually a day I will never forget but not because of what I received. To the contrary I did something I haven't done in 10 years!!
First, my gifts....
Flowers from Lowes: Dahlia & Columbine flowers.
I never like receiving cut flowers. It makes me so sad that they won't last longer than a couple of weeks. So my husband always knows to purchase potted plants. Generally, I always receive Lillie's but this year I asked for columbine & dahlia flowers. I cannot wait to plant them in my garden and enjoy them all summer long:)
Flower cost $10
Jewelry...what girl doesn't like receiving this kind of gift ?? I really love the set my husband purchased but the ring is too large and it needs to be resized :( I love jewelry but if I can't wear it immediately it looses it's interest with me.
Pictures: we drove nearly and hour to get pictures taken at the photo studio. Let me tell you, it was well worth the drive !! We purchased some great family photos and our baby came out adorable!! I would have liked going to the local park to take photos but the only problem is we need an extra person to take them. So, the photo studio is our only choice until our baby gets older.
Family, I visited my aunt and cousins who I haven't seen in almost 10 years. It was only for a little while, since they had plans of their own. It made my day perfect :) we talked, laughed and just enjoyed the moment!
Overall it was a costly holiday but the memories will last a lifetime. Although, I think I'll be returning the jewelry. It's a nice gift but like I said; if the ring doesn't fit I hate to just keep it in a box until I take it to the jewelry store. Plus, the cost to get it re-sized cost almost more than the ring is worth !

Happy Mother's day to all!! Enjoy the happy moments today brought!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Fisher Price Rainforest Jumperoo Baby Bouncer

My baby absolutely LOVES this jumperoo!!
What we love about it:
•The three adjustable levels. My baby is 5 months old and is on level 1.
•The vibrant colors
•The toys!!
•The music
•The hanging toys. I lower the hanging toys as much as possible so he can reach them. He loves to try and pull them towards himself.
•The seat rotates
•the base can easily be taken apart.

What we don't love about it:
•Adjusting the straps is a little challenging but at least you can adjust them.
•The seat seems a little snug compared to other seats
•The front of the seat is a little wide (kind of an arm rest) and my son wants to chew on it.
•Takes up a lot of space since the base is round.

Overall best purchase I have made so far
Cost $ 38 ( used but in excellent condition)