Saturday, April 21, 2012

Latest Craig's List Find...Wood Fire Station

I have been obsessed for a while now with kids toys. I use to purchase everything new until I realized how much toys cost. So, I have started searching for toys that are harder to find in your every day store.
This firehouse has been my latest find.
I think it will be perfect for my son when he grows up. One more item to store in the garage :) hopefully someday he will enjoy all of these toys I'm collecting now.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Play area for baby ... Surviving living in a small space

Finding a place for my baby to play is tough. Especially since our dogs or cats are always eager to join the fun. So, over the weekend my husband removed all the plants in our patio and I planned the play area.

1) remove plants
2) pickup all debris and wash floor
3) remove any misc. items
4) place flooring ($48 @ home depot)
5) canopy ($30 @ lowes)
6) enjoy the area

So, it has been a great project ! My baby has his own area. As you can tell in the picture my dog is underneath the bench. He is always by my side since he is the most obedient dog we have.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Evenflo- triple fun jungle exersaucer

This is actually the first used toy I have purchased for my baby. I've always been weary of second hand items; mostly because you never know where they have been. Honestly, it's been a really great purchase !! The item was in great working condition

Why I love it:
It has a lot of toys
Plays music
Colors are vibrant
It transforms into a table as they grow
All toys are easily removed and washable
Easy to assemble
Tummy time mat included

What I don't like about it:
The music (although volume adjustable) is still a little loud for me
The stand attachments for the musical arc is not sturdy enough and tips over easily when placed on the floor stands for tummy time.

Overall I am in a new phase of my life learning to loved pre-owned items.
Although, I have to be picky to ensure I purchase working toys :)

What I have learned from all of this:
Keep the toys I purchase at full price in good condition!! Someday I may want to sell them:)