Saturday, July 27, 2013

Organizing my project at a time.

So, this past week I started working on a shutterfly book I started a year ago. Its the first month of life book for my son. I have to admit, I still have months 5-24 to finish. Its hard work to put it all together.  It is possible, but it takes commitment. I decided, everyday for the past week I would take 30 minutes to work on my book. I did 15 minutes in the morning before my son woke up and 15 minutes during nap time. By Friday I was so tiered of working on that book, I wanted to scream. Its done now, ready to order and all of the memories preserved in print. Although I still need to work on more books, I decided to take a break because to be honest its hard work! I need break. So, to make my life easier this week I will take the challenge of organizing my photos on my laptop. I know! its years of photos all clustered but I know if I can finish one shutterfly book, I can organize all of my photos. So, in a week I will let you know if 30 minutes a day for one week is enough to organize thousands of photos. Hopefully, this way making a shutterfly book for the missing months will be easy:)

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