Thursday, July 25, 2013

Its a boy ?

Today, I had another doctor's appointment. Although no ultrasound was done, I was concerned about the range in heart rate from my past appointments.  That was when the doctor said 'based on heart rate it does indicate a boy'. At the moment I was shocked, then I was offered an ultrasound to check the gender. I could know, right there and then. Unfortunately, at that moment my son decided to have a meltdown and I had to leave. By the time I arrived home, I called my husband to relay what the doctor had said. I burst into tears saying 'what am I going to do with two boys?'. My husband still holds the hope its a girl and says we should wait until the 20 week ultrasound to verify.
As the day continued I was sulky, but then I was mad at myself. Just today I read a story of someone having a third miscarriage and becoming high risk. I'm ashamed at myself for being so selfish. I am so lucky to be pregnant. I still hold hope its a girl but I need to be emotionally prepared for a boy. So, to cheer me up I decided to look for some bunk beds for my son's room. If its another boy, they are going to be roommates :) 
Two boys, omg, I'm definitely going to need a lot of patience. My son is wild with enthusiasm and energy. Now I really wish I had started having babies at a younger age! 
As I write this, my son has joined me on the couch with our chihuahua and has given her a kiss on the head.  Then he tried to bear hug her but she growled and left the couch. Now he's trying to start a pillow fight with the chihuahua.  Heaven help me, two wild boys to keep me busy !
By the way, I took the Chinese gender predictor test . It says i'm having a boy :)

UPDATE: 8.29.13
The 20 week ultrasound finally verified it. It's a girl!!! Hooray, I have already gone out and purchased a pink tutu. We were so shocked when the tech said it was a girl, we couldn't believe it. I had already purchased a 'little bro' t-shirt. While we have announced its a girl, we are still holding on to all those boy items. My husband was suppose to be a girl and of coarse when he was born he proved them wrong. So, while we are saying its a girl, we have decided to keep all the receipts and not start any decorating until after the baby is born. I know it sounds nuts, but we prefer to play safe. Just in case :)

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