Saturday, February 18, 2012

Fisher-Price Luv U Zoo Deluxe Musical Mobile Gym

My baby just loves this playmat!! We are guaranteed smiles from him when we place him in it.

What we love about it:
• The music is cute only a few songs
• The colors and pictures are adorable
• The two volume settings ( high & low)
• All the toys are removable and therefore multi function-able.
• The assembly is easy ( I actually fold it up every night)
• Batteries have lasted longer than expected considering its almost daily use. (4- AA batteries)

What we don't love so much about it

• The padding is thin so, I never place it on the floor since we have no carpeting.
• It only gives you 3 options:
1- music only
2- lights only
3- middle mobile rotation only
I wish it would do lights and rotation at the same time but it doesn't.
• I would like toys that made more noise

Overall, we do love it and use it on a regular basis! We add different toys just to make it more fun.

Castor oil for hair

I recently watched a video on YouTube about a 3 month castor oil challenge. The results that they had encouraged me to try it. First, hair is suppose to grow quickly and second, your hair grows thicker. I have extremely dry hair with a lot of split ends so, I was hoping the oils would also help fix my split ends. So far the overnight treatment works best. My hair is definitely softer but I go through a lot of castor oil.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Penguin bathtub toy - Walmart

I love this toy!! Pull the rope in the back and the little penguin goes flying through the water!

A new twist to thumbnails

I purchase these wooden figures when i was very young to decorate a dog house. Eventually each one fell off and I found myself not able to part with them. Then, I decided to glue them to thumbnails:)

How to:
Place a dab of glue to the back of each wooden figure.

Place the thumbtack on the back gently. Then rotate the thumbtack so the top is completely submersed in the glue.

Let dry air dry.

Smaller wooden figurines will require additional glue to submerge the bottom of the thumbtack completely.

Greenworks multiple surface sanitized

I purchased these at Target a couple of weeks ago; they seem to be the 'organic' way to sanitize different surfaces. The only problem is that there is no indication of how well they are working or what they kill. Other wipes always indicate "kills 99% of germs" but this item does not indicate that at all. Only that they are 99% made from organic materials. I have to admit marketing this item with the 99% printed in the front was an excellent idea. I automatically picked it up never questioning how well it cleaned my surfaces. It wasn't until after I purchase it and opened the package that I questioned it's ability to kill germs. The wipes themselves are okay. They can leave a white film on certain surfaces (like stainless steel) which will require you to wipe it down with a paper towel afterwards. How well they are cleaning surfaces is unknown which worries me because they must not clean that well. Otherwise the company would brag about that statistic in the front of they do sanitize as well as other products. I'm stuck with them!!

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Garanimals - Bath Time Bubble Maker

I actually love this bubble machine. With just one push of the button you can really get bubbles going. The only issue is that you go through a lot of bubble mix. The manual says not to use any other solution but I think it would get pricey if you can't purchase a large bottle. My son is too young to understand bubbles but he kind of looks at them for a while. It has a large suction cup for wall mounting or you can place it on a flat surface. The downside is that suction cups tend not to stick properly to the tile wall and I fear it falling into the bathtub. It is battery operated (4 AA batteries) but the battery area has no extra plastic lining to protect water from entering the batteries ( should it fall in the water) . Therefore I use it mostly as an outdoor toy and only in the bath for a few minutes before placing it on the bathroom floor. Better safe than sorry.

Party Balloons : Pump & Balloons from eBay

Has anyone ever researched the cost of ballon art for a party? Omg, The cost goes is at least a few hundred dollars up! I was shocked!! I have this dream of my son's first birthday with balloons, 3D cakes etc. So, I looked at various you tube videos and it seems simple. The only problem is that I have a slight fear of balloons. It's more the popping sound that I dislike. Anyways, I purchased this starter set on eBay for $5.00. The ballon pump is tiny and it takes forever to pump the balloon. I realize now that I need a larger ballon pump. If you do want to learn balloon art purchase the right equipment :)

Energizer battery charger!

This is one of those items every household should have. Especially if you have kids. It seems like every toy we purchase needs batteries. It only takes a few hours to charge.

Betty Crocker Potato Boxes

We absolutely love these potato's at home! They are a bit salty but they are delicious. They are easy to prepare, just add water & milk.

Walmart lion toy

This is an adorable toy which vibrates when you pull the cord. Its a great extra toy to have in the car or at home :)

Snugli baby carrier

My husband gave me this carrier. I have say, I am not a big fan of it. My baby is only 12lbs right now, and I can tell you; it hurts my back to carry him. Even when my son was younger it was uncomfortable to wear. I've decided to purchase an ergo baby carrier. Price wise, it's significantly more expensive ! $120 vs. $30.

Walmart fondant supplies

I bought these items for fondant yesterday. My sons first birthday is still a long time from now but I don't have a lot of experience in baking. I think that if a start practicing now, I can make a 3D Noah's art cake for his birthday. I can tell you that it's a lot more cost effective to purchase these items at Walmart than Michaels. I plan on making my own marshmallow fondant so, all I need is sugar. I want to make it without crisco; let's hope it works !

Leachco - Cuddle-U Nursing Pillow and More, Jungle

This nursing pillow is a great alternative to the boppy pillow. The extra seating accessory is great for wiggly babies. The item can be purchased at walmart for $20 compared to the $50.00 for the boppy pillow. You should consider purchasing two: one for the traveling and another for home.

UPDATE : 8.29.13
Baby #2 is on her way !! hooray!! As I sort through all of the baby items I have from my first child, this nursing pillow is definitely staying. For me, my son never need the seating accessory but maybe baby #2 will will need it. Overall definitely $20 well spent. I have purchased a lot of baby items over the last two years and I can honestly say this had been on of the best!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Diaper Cake Examples - YOUTUBE video link

UPDATE- 8.29.13

Thank goodness I taped what I received for my baby shower! I have always had the policy that I give what I receive. So, when certain people in my life are ready to have kids, I give them the exact or similar items they gave me. Why? because some of them, while I love them, feel entitled. You know, they think that should receive more and more and more and more. So, this helps in me be able to not give them less than what they expect. I feel its also a reminder of the items people tend to give others, so I can go the other direction and purchase more 'reality' items. What do I mean? I still have certain items that have never been used. Probably, because I received so much of that same item, that I want to avoid doing the same to someone else. Overall, the diaper cake is a great gift, especially with newborn diapers!!

Pop-up books

I have loved pop-up books since I was a little girl. Now that I'm a mom, I want to collect them for my son.

UPDATE: 8.29.13
My son loves these books. I currently call them the 'forbidden books' and are kept in his closet's top shelf. It is such a treat for him some days when he asks to see them. He is fascinated by the pop-ups and loves to look at them. Yes, he is definitely under supervision at all times when handling these books ! I am so glad I started to purchased them so early. The books have also taught him patience and respect for delicate items. Although, I'm sure if given the chance he would pull the pop-up apart to see how it works.  I have purchased all of my pop-up book second hand; in the past two years I have only been able to find four other books by the same author.

Pregnancy exercise videos - another great purchase I made in my first pregnancy :)

If you plan on getting pregnant or are pregnant ; You should consider doing some kind of exercise. Pregnancy can really take a lot out of you! The weight gain and water retention can be painful !

UPDATE: 8.29.13
Wow!! that was me 2 years ago !! I'm now pregnant with baby #2 and I have to admit while my son keeps my life extremely active.  I plan on starting these exercise videos again. My pregnant belly is really starting to make my body ache and my muscles need some stretching. This time though, I will be joined by my son, i've already taught him 'down ward dog'.  These exercise videos are definitely worth purchasing ! so glad I have them, now I just need to make some time to do them :)

TRIA Laser Hair Removal System - Nordstrom

This sounds like such a great product! I was never able to use it since I became pregnant but I did get product info. directly from a Tria representative. I tried a test spot on my hand---ouch it really hurt. So, becareful where you use it!! I