Saturday, August 10, 2013

Should I buy water shoes for my toddler?

I never thought one of the main wardrobe components of my son's would be water shoes. We live in a hot desert climate and we find water recreationto be the funnest on a warm day. The cost of my son's water shoes was $30 at Stride Rite. Ouch, they were so cute I couldn't resist. To my surprise, I can't imagine my son's life without them. First, we used them for swimmng lessons, the hot pool concrete made it essential to have. Then, the water parks and splash parks, it's safer for him to be wearing them rather than stepping on dangerous park grounds. Overall, the investment in these shoes was worth it for us. Even playtime outside just watering the lawn requires these types of shoes. I am glad I purchased them and I think anyone with a toddler should consider adding them as an essential toddler accessory. 

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