Thursday, August 1, 2013

No Soliciting Decal - Pinterest Inspired

Even in this hot weather, solicitors still seem to roam the streets. While once in a while may be okay, I feel like every time they show up at my door its during nap time. What I dislike the most is the fact that the dogs start barking the baby starts crying and the solicitor waits patiently outside still expecting me to open the door. Seriously, don't they understand their presence is what started the chaos in this house.
I use to have a cute 'no soliciting' sign outside but over the years it started to look old and people didn't take it seriously. So, after researching on Pinterest my options I found a decal that made the point and still added politeness to the statement.
I ordered mine from The sticket hut on eBay, it took me almost a month to place on my door but I love how it looks. It was supper easy too, I was so worried about how I would place each letter in place. Luckly, its just like a giant sticker you place and then voila! Its placed perfectly centered on your door.

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