Thursday, August 15, 2013

Another trip to the used book store !

The Wheels on the School Bus by Mary-Alice MooreAnimal Strike at the Zoo by Karma Wilson

I love scholastic books ! This was quite a find, I had just seen the story books at Barnes and Noble. Although these are soft cover books, the illustrations are nice and of coarse my son loves them. I have taught him since a young age (he's 20 months old) to always respect books. While this policy currently only applies to non-pop-up books. I don't have to worry that he will rip up the books. So, the fact that they are not the hard cardboard is fine. Definitely $2.00 well spent :)

So, the fact that the story of the wheels on the school bus is not the same as the wheels on the bus has been the downfall of this book. My son loves, loves, loves the song 'the wheels on the bus' and the fact that the book's story line doesn't match the song lyrics has made him hate the book :( The graphics have also been too overwhelming for his age. Meaning, that there is a lot of details in each page making it hard for him to locate items when I ask him to search for something. So, for right now that book has gone in his 'when he grows up' pile. Maybe someday he will like the book.

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