Saturday, November 23, 2013

Turning a king size down comforter to a twin size comforter

Last week, I purchased a king size down comforter for my son. My first plan was to fold it in half and stuff it in a twin size VITAMINER BIL duvet cover I purchased at ikea.

Good but bad idea. Although the fluffiness was great, the weight of it was too much. My next idea came today...cut the down comforter and place one part in the duvet cover; and the other on the mattress. Best idea I've had in a while!
Here is how to cut a down comforter should you dare to try it to. Warning: feathers are bound to fly and if it's not done right, it can lead to a huge mess and a ruined comforter.
Note: A king size down comforter is sectioned off 7 squares horizontally by 6 squares verically.
I cut 4 squares horizontally by 6 squares vertically for the duvet cover.
Leaving me  3 squares horizontally by 6 vertically to cover the mattress.

Step 1:
Hand stitch along the verical line of your down comforter with bright thread. You will need to do 2 parallel lines so you can cut in between the lines.
Note: I tried sewing this first with a double needle. Bad idea, the comforter was too big and I made huge mistakes.
Note: don't even think of just cutting it first and then just sewing the edges closed!!! Worse thing you can do !! I tried it and lost a lot of down and it was extremely hard to sew.

Picture 1: can you see my hand stitching in red thread? Two parallel lines so I can cut in between the two lines

Step 2: now you can cut between the hand stitching. Do it quickly and make sure that the entire comforter is laying down so there is less movement an less down loss.

Picture 2: cutting between the two hand stitched parallel lines.

Step 3: carefully sew the edges closed by using a zig-zag stitch all along the edge. Be careful and try to keep the down from getting out.

Picture 3: zig-zag stitching the ends.

Step 4: fold over the edge and sew a straight stitch all the way down. Hiding the edges and keeping down from ever escaping. 

Picture 4: folded over the edge and sewed a straight stitch to hide the edges.

Done !!

If you're wondering why I didn't just return the king size down comforter for a twin size comforter. It's because I paid $119 for it on sale at Macy's vs. the $480 original price. The warmth of the down is amazing! It's like you're in a comfy sleeping bag without the sleeping bag restrictions.

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