Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Costco find : Baby Playmat

I found this at costco and couldn't resist purchasing it. At first it was just because I liked it. Now, it has really proven to be a great item to have with a toddler.
First, it was a great mat to sit on when doing puzzles. Rather than carpet which can be uncomfortable after a while. Then, it became the place to practice gymnastics. It's soft and forgiving material so when he lands there's no rug burn or rough landing spots. It also looks adorable. I just wish it came in a larger size. If you see this somewhere and consider purchasing it for yourself or as a gift; I would really recommend it. Especially if your house has hardwood floors. And when you have a baby learning to crawl, really wish I would have had this mat then too!
It's also two sided, so you have image options depending on your room decor.

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