Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Life after the placenta previa news

This week is a lot calmer than last week. I'm at home taking it as easy as possible with a toddler and getting things done around the house.
The thought of early delivery or a c-section scare me. I need to be prepared just in case. That means getting things done this month. I need I have this house so organized that my husband won't be asking me every 2 seconds where to find something; should he have to stay home with me.
How am I taking it easy and getting organized? One day at a time, here is what I need to accomplish by Wednesday.

•computer work: get birthday invitations done-partially done 
•Christmas list done. This means going through everything we purchased through the year. Assigning the gift to a person. Making a list of who still needs a gift. 
•Christmas cards - maybe ??
•Dusting and laying out artwork for my husband to hang in living room.
•selling stuff of eBay 
•you tube videos 
•preparing for Halloween
•organize laundry room 
•organize office supplies 
•finish garage sale signs

It's a long list but most if it is sitting work so it should be fine :)
Making the best of this home stay. I am glad to be getting things done at home.

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