Friday, October 25, 2013

Life lessons, my MacBook crashed. My son's pictures and videos could be lost forever

Today, was a day of hard life lessons. I never imagined I would write about this but here it goes. My MacBook crashed. I can't tell you the sleepless night I spent. It's barely 2 years old and this happens. I never owned a MacBook before but I bought it because I wanted something to store my son's childhood in. There are no documents or ther programs. Just my son's childhood picture and videos. I backed up maybe 4-6 months ago. In baby years that's a lot of data to loose. I made an appointment at the Genius Bar at my local apple store the second everything happened ( thank goodness for iPhones). I ended up leaving the laptop at the apple store and praying for it to be repaired quickly. 
So, where did I go wrong ?
First, I never had a designated desk to keep my laptop, it always floated around the house with me. 
Second, I should have taken those few minutes to back up regularly
Third, had I kept up with my son's shutterfly books. My computer crashing would not be a major issue. Except for videos which are priceless but something is better than nothing. 
I cried several times at the apple store. The guy was nice but he wasn't too reassuring :/
Right now, I have only my iPhone and an old PC I purchase over 6 years ago. 

Did I learn my lesson? Yes, I'm going through all my PC documents and pictures this week. Organizing and getting shutterfly books ready to go. That way all of life's memories are saved.

Learn from my mistakes, take the time to back up data and print the most precious memories before it's too much to handle. 

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