Sunday, October 6, 2013

Snazaroo face paints - Review

I've been getting ready for Halloween. So, I went ahead and purchased the : Snazaroo Face Painting Kit at Michaels.

Here is my shopping experience: 
1- Open up and check all the boxes ! Some we're missing colors!
2- Make sure the colors you need are included in the kit.
I'm doing a tiger face so I needed orange,yellow, black and white. 
3. Take your 40% coupon to Michael's, Hobby Lobby or Joanne Crafts. I spent 9.71 instead of $14.99+ tax.
4. Store the box horizontally not vertically! The paints will fall off easily. So, it's best to keep the box lying down :)

My son is almost 2 so I decided to start early in practicing his tiger face. Here are a few tips.

1.The sponge is too large to do such a small face. You will need to purchase a smaller sponge to be able to get more color details.
2. Barely moisten the sponge, too much water and the color is too diluted !
3. It comes with one brush, I would recomend more brushes if you need to do multiple colors. 
4. Working with a toddler is hard, you need to be quick and be prepared to correct mistakes when they move. Try to put a video on to keep them focused on something (I know, what a time not to have tv in the house, thank goodness for iPhones). 
5. Just keep q-tips or baby wipes handy to clean up mistakes.
6. Look on youtube or Pinterest for some great tutorials.

Overall, for the cost, this was a great purchase. My son loves to have me paint on him, he always asks for more. We ended up using them for a birthday party too. Really a great item to have at home with toddlers, especially on a rainy day when keeping them busy is a challenge.

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