Saturday, October 19, 2013

Life reflection, what I wish I would have learned when I was younger

I remember being in college and taking easy classes if I needed to fill up my schedule or just to try something new. 
Reflecting back on that time, I wish I would have taken a photography class. Although I know the cost of it at the time was overwhelming. Some classes you need to take for the future. I have kids now and to be honest the cost of taking the photography class and buying a good camera is nothing compared to what you pay for a family photographer on a regular basis. I think of taking a class now but with a toddler it seems impossible. Getting out of the house would be a triumph.
Other activities I also wish I would have learned: knitting and crochet. Yes, I could still learn but with kids, the freedom to spend hours practicing, researching and learning are minimal. 
There are some classes, I don't know if they exist but it would be nice to know what activities would effectively educate my child. For example, there is that 17 month old who knows how to read. Her parents are speech therapist. They practice activities they do with their own patients with their child. What activities were they ? What techniques could I learn to teach my child. It would be valuable information to know.

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