Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Potty Training Fun !!

I never imagined potty training would be so complicated. I figure I would take my son by the hand to sit on his potty and it would all click in. Nope, lets just say I needed a time out due to frustration and hopelessness.

Day one - Very hopeful and determined to potty train by the end of the day
Woke up and explained to my son that today he was being potty trained like a big boy. That he would go pee pee in the potty and wear big boy undies. He said 'yeah' to everything so I figured he understood.

Morning: Sat in his potty for a couple of minutes until 10:30 when he finally went in the potty. Hooray! I was so happy, this is going to be easy

Mid-Morning: Oops. had two accidents on the floor and the carpet. Had to clean it up.

Afternoon: Sat him in the potty with a 10 minute video of 'Word World'. Pee'd 2 seconds after getting up from the potty then went #2 on the carpet. Okay, so extremely frustrated by this point. He's sitting on the potty but not going.

Nap time: diaper on

After nap time: Another oops, diaper back on, thinking of giving up

Day two- Can't give up, I can't stop trying, maybe he'll understand potty training today?

Morning, Mid-morning, afternoon: Oops,Oops, #2 Oops, Oops- Ready to give up and try in a couple of months.

Mid afternoon: Can't give up, I need to do this, followed him around with his potty. Hooray !! we had 2  pee's !!

Naptime: diaper on

Afternoon: more oops 

Day 3: gave up, back to diapers until next week.

Two months have passed since my first attempt at potty training. My son will be turning 2 in a couple of weeks. Therefore, I'm determined to potty train him. 
Luckily, my first potty training attempts worked. If he's not wearing a diaper he will run to the potty and go. We've only had one accident. Unfortunately, I put a diaper on during nap time and that's where things seems to go wrong. He refuses to take the diaper off after nap time. I'm cosidereing putting on cotton undies and wondering if he will know the difference. 
At least he understands the potty concept. Just need more time and patience. Hopefully I will get him on a routine soon.

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