Monday, February 13, 2012

Greenworks multiple surface sanitized

I purchased these at Target a couple of weeks ago; they seem to be the 'organic' way to sanitize different surfaces. The only problem is that there is no indication of how well they are working or what they kill. Other wipes always indicate "kills 99% of germs" but this item does not indicate that at all. Only that they are 99% made from organic materials. I have to admit marketing this item with the 99% printed in the front was an excellent idea. I automatically picked it up never questioning how well it cleaned my surfaces. It wasn't until after I purchase it and opened the package that I questioned it's ability to kill germs. The wipes themselves are okay. They can leave a white film on certain surfaces (like stainless steel) which will require you to wipe it down with a paper towel afterwards. How well they are cleaning surfaces is unknown which worries me because they must not clean that well. Otherwise the company would brag about that statistic in the front of they do sanitize as well as other products. I'm stuck with them!!

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