Saturday, February 11, 2012

Garanimals - Bath Time Bubble Maker

I actually love this bubble machine. With just one push of the button you can really get bubbles going. The only issue is that you go through a lot of bubble mix. The manual says not to use any other solution but I think it would get pricey if you can't purchase a large bottle. My son is too young to understand bubbles but he kind of looks at them for a while. It has a large suction cup for wall mounting or you can place it on a flat surface. The downside is that suction cups tend not to stick properly to the tile wall and I fear it falling into the bathtub. It is battery operated (4 AA batteries) but the battery area has no extra plastic lining to protect water from entering the batteries ( should it fall in the water) . Therefore I use it mostly as an outdoor toy and only in the bath for a few minutes before placing it on the bathroom floor. Better safe than sorry.

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