Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Diaper Cake Examples - YOUTUBE video link

UPDATE- 8.29.13

Thank goodness I taped what I received for my baby shower! I have always had the policy that I give what I receive. So, when certain people in my life are ready to have kids, I give them the exact or similar items they gave me. Why? because some of them, while I love them, feel entitled. You know, they think that should receive more and more and more and more. So, this helps in me be able to not give them less than what they expect. I feel its also a reminder of the items people tend to give others, so I can go the other direction and purchase more 'reality' items. What do I mean? I still have certain items that have never been used. Probably, because I received so much of that same item, that I want to avoid doing the same to someone else. Overall, the diaper cake is a great gift, especially with newborn diapers!!

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