Friday, June 8, 2012

Tutorial : Felt Monkey for pillow cover

--> I made a mistake at the end and had to throw my project away. Learn from my mistake :) <--

1. Printed out a drawing of a monkey I saw online.
2.Cut out the main elements of the monkey.
3. Pinned the cut outs to the felt and cut out every piece.
4. Organized everything to make sure it fit properly on another piece if felt.

••••••••••• I should have stitched the parts directly onto the pillow I was decorating instead ••••••••••

5. *mistake* Drew facial features with a sharpie---> use fabric markers!! FYI sharpie will smear when in contact with Elmer's glue.
6.*mistake* tried to glue the pieces onto another piece of felt before stitching them onto my pillow. Used too much glue and smeared it everywhere.
FYI too much glue will seep through the felt.

It's so cute but to the trash it went !!

Tomorrow is another day to try again :)

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