Thursday, June 7, 2012

Baby Brezza :: Baby food processor

Best purchase I have made !!!

What I love about it:
Its so easy to use !!
BPA free
Purées & steams
Easy to clean water container
Suction cups at the bottom to keep it in place
Easy lock lid
Sturdy handle
Cup is marked with water line (160ml) for easy water filling
Just walk away and when you come back it's all ready! No waiting for food to steam then transferring it to a blender to purée. One step :)
Dishwasher safe

What I don't like about it
Sometimes the cup won't lock in right, takes a couple of tries
Loud when it Purées
You have to chop everything into small cubes ( I use my regular food processor for chopping to save time)

***if your baby is sleeping in the same room or in the next room when it is set to steam and purée. The sudden noise when it starts to purée might wake them up***

I prepare his foods at night and store it in the baby bullet containers I purchased separately.
Love this product !!

Note: sweet potato will stain the plastic after just one use :(

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