Thursday, March 22, 2012

OXO Good Grips

The first time I ever saw these was at marshalls. I fell in love with them; I purchased my set at Macy's.
The set costs $99 but Macy's sometimes has 20% discounts you can use in housewares ( although most regularly sent out coupons exclude housewares). I was lucky enough to have 20% off and a gift card.

What I love about them:
• the pop up system to open/close
• the airtight security really works*
• the white colored tops
• the see-through container
• bpa free
• freezer & fridge safe*

What I don't love about them
• the package I purchased comes with more smaller containers than larger containers.
• one lid is questionable, it seems to get stuck sometimes
• although it says they are airtight, some reviews complain about their airtight efficiency after long periods of time.
• they have to bee hand washed (except for the plastic rubber lid piece) if you have to hand wash everything what is one more piece !

Overall, I like them :) I love how organized and pretty they make everything look. And I like being able to see immediately if I'm running low on something.
Also, the plastic itself is really clear and shinny. So, it doesn't look so plasticky. Just compare them to martha Stewart's storage container to see the difference.

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