Wednesday, March 21, 2012

ERGOBABY® original carrier in galaxy gray

ERGOBABY® original carrier in galaxy gray was my choice in baby carrier.

What I love about it:
• no back aches after walking
• convenient front pocket for keys, wallet, cell etc.
• love the design
• overall comfort for myself and baby
• built in hood for those windy days

What I don't like about it:
• the back strap can be a pain to close
• the hip lock sometimes gets caught in fabric and does not lock properly ( thank goodness for the elastic trap for extra security)
• the falling hazard even for babies over 12 lbs ( especially if you have a wiggle worm)
• the built in hood is sometimes a pain to clip into the shoulder strap

It's worth not having the backache !!
The cost is high but believe me it makes a difference on your back when you're carrying a growing baby!
You get the hang of clipping the carrier after a while. Overall I love my carrier :) My baby and I love going on walks!

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