Saturday, December 29, 2012

Macy's employees ruin our Christmas

With a baby at home it's hard to really go out and shop. So, this year I asked my husband and mom to go to Macy's, try things on and place them on hold (Saturday night at 9 pm).

On Sunday morning my husband took our son to see santa and I went shopping... That was when my nightmare began.

First, jewelry department at Macy's: the lady at the jewelry counter could not find the earrings and slippers which my mom had placed on hold. I looked frantically trying to find the earrings but I couldn't find them anywhere.

Second, women's department at Macy's: my mom placed on hold a few tops and sweaters. I had placed on hold a dress I had been after for months (it was on sale and could now afford it ). I arrived to the woman's department and the cashier informed me there was nothing on hold under my name. She took me to the hold locker and no sign of any of our items. At that point my husband had joined me and I had to tell him that the sweaters he had also place on hold for his great grandmother were gone. At that point I started crying, the few items I had remembered my mom admiring were sold out in her size. I had no Christmas present to give my mom.

Third, men's department at Macy's: after 20 minutes of trying to find someone to help me I received the same bad news; no items were on hold. By that point I just wanted to scream ! Agh ! Luckily I happened to glance around the store and I found a shirt with a 'hold' tag and my name on it. Yes, while the employee at Macy's had placed a hold tag on the clothing she failed to remember to place the items in the hold locker. Some of the items my husband wanted were still there.

For my mom though, I had nothing. For my husband a couple of sweatshirts.

Macy's ruined my Christmas. I had to explain to my mom and husband that the items they wanted were not placed on hold by Macy's employees. I felt awful, mostly my mom who had showed so much anticipation for her earrings. I was heart broken and frustrated this Christmas.

Thank you Macy's employees for ruining our Christmas this year. Last time I shop there !

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