Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Spray bottle art time - 2 year old activity

 I have been trying to do more art activities with my son since we have been staying indoors so much. I know he loves to get the water bottle and spray the cat or dogs; so I knew this would be a fun project for him. Although it would be best to do this outdoors, under controlled conditions it's possible to do indoors.

I have washable kids paints which I mixed with water and placed in a spray bottle.
Paper to place on his art easel
Tape to hold the paper in place and the bottom of the paper to catch any running paint.
A rag, just in case the solution is too watery and you need to quickly clean up.

Image 1: Shows how I taped the paper to the bottom of the art easel. It catches the running paint. 

Image 2: My toddler having some fun with the spray bottles

Image 3: 
The paints and bottle I used.
You will know immediately if your solution is too watery when you spray the paper. Add more paint to intensify the color and decrease the liquidness of the solution.

Overall, a fun project for my toddler. Painting with spray bottles definetly adds to the excitement of art time.

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