Friday, December 20, 2013

Too many toys ??

I took my son this week for development testing. I don't have any concerns but I did want to know if there were any areas we could improve. To my surprise there were two main tests he failed.
First: imagination
They asked if he pretends to play with other toys. While he does pretend to cook he never pretends one toy to be another. For example using a block as a car. It's true we have a garage full of toys so he has never had to pretend. If he wants a car he has a box full of them. That was when I asked myself if my child has too many toys? Is it limiting his imagination ? I have taken out toys and rotate them monthly. Maybe just a cardboard box for a week to try and get him to pretend more ? 

Second: pointing at images on books and naming them.
In our house we have 30 library books plus bookshelves and closet full of books. Reading has been our primary goal since he was born. Before nap and bed time we read him an average of 10 books. Now, I'm asking myself it have we been doing too much reading and not enough interacting ? If you ask him to point to a item he does, if you ask him to repeat a word he does but he never voluntarily names items out loud. He will look at books and say he's reading but he never reads out loud and points out items. Not sure how to improve this. If you ask he will answer but how do I get him to talk without asking? 

I'm glad I did the development testing, it made me look at him from a different perspective and now I'm re-evaluating my daily activities to get him talking more. Having kids is hard, there might be millions of books to teach you how to raise a child  but with limited time, which are the right books and what activities are best for your child. Back go the drawing board for me :)

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