Tuesday, July 10, 2012

My baby has Plagiocephaly (flat head syndrome)

Initially my baby had to have surgery at 4 months to remove a lump on his head.
Having stitches on the left side of his head resulted in his preference to sleep with his head titled to the right.
So, here he is, at 7 1/2 months with his helmet, 23 hrs a day, seven days a week!
To be honest the main thing that worried me was criticism from strangers, looks of disgust from others, criticism from my husbands family and of course other mommies who's children's heads were perfect.
At first it was tough, I saw their looks and glances, at one point I told my husband I was never going outside again.
As the weeks have past though, there have been people kind enough to share their stories about their own kids with helmets. Some people come and ask out of concern. Overall, only one person has been rude enough to give me evil glares that made me never want to return to their shop again.

In general if the weather remains cool, he doesn't even notice the helmet at all. Its when the temperature gets hot when he gets fussy. He sometimes he just wants to pull the helmet off and enjoy a nice cool breeze.
After a few weeks of wearing the helmet, we noticed a huge improvement in head shape. We are so happy we got the helmet for him. It has also made life so much easier and stress free around here. We kind of want the helmet to stay longer than 3 months. My son is starting to pull himself up on everything; and although I am always by his side. There are some days when he just lets himself topple over. Luckily that helmet is there to protect his little head. It gives me peace of mind to know there is extra protection. So if he flops over, I don't have a look of worry on my face... I just smile and help him be on his way.
The helmet can't get wet, so it makes it harder if it's hot and we want to go swimming. We make sure we keep pool time and bath time with in that one hour of helmet free time.
Overall, best decision we have ever made. His head looks beautiful !

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